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Restaurant Design

great design with business solutions; on time and on budget


There is an undeniable amount of creativity and energy when working with Chefs and Restaurateurs.  At EDG, I found the challenge was to help a Chef balance three things: their craft, their customers needs and their business goals.  This balance is vital from the front of house to the back of the house - since every step counts!

Cultural Settings

Cafes and Restaurants are everywhere-even in Museums and Ball Parks!  At EDG, I had the honor to work within world famously designed buildings -Cleveland Museum of Art additions by Rafael Vinoley;  within world famous museums  - The Art Institute of Chicago and with a world championship baseball team - the San Francisco Giants!  Providing a platform that allows the clients' financial goals to thrive while meeting their client's expectations.

Higher Education

At EDG, I worked closely with the operations teams of Bon Appetit Management Company, and other clients, to transform the cafeteria, as we know it, into a healthy, safe  and educational dining experience.  The diverse campus student body and the rich local resources informed  the design. I was fortunate to work at universities from the  east (University of Pennsylvania),  the Midwest (Case Western Reserve), the West (University of Portland) and the South (Savanna College of Art and Design).


Working, Vacationing and Eating-the holy trinity of modern life where one cannot exist without the other.  At EDG, I worked with variety of Hotel and Resort Owners and Operators to customize venues that take the monotony out of  the act of eating.  We expanded the usefulness of the spaces beyond dining services.

Prototype Restaurants
Prototype design involves creating a compelling story for a cafe or restaurant that can be repeated in a similar setting within a specific budget under a set of parameters for a likely demographic.  Each prototype had its own set of unique challenges and at EDG, we created prototypes and then refined their design (and documents) so that they could be "rolled out" by production firms.
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