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The Barkmont-Dog Daycare & Hotel

The first of it's kind in Berkeley! We transformed the Wholesale Transmission shop into The Barkmont-Dog Daycare and Hotel. The building is a unique, long span, CMU building on the corner of San Pablo Avenue and Pardee. The sales areas are now the Hotel style reception areas (complete with recycled/reclaimed materials from the Transmission Shop) and the waiting area into the puppy play room. The main workshop, which has 20' ceilings, metal sash windows and skylights is subdivided with low fences into 4 large indoor play areas. There is also kennel room which is big enough to hold up to 60 dogs - and yes it is sound proofed! The owners installed a state of the art dog-washing station, a dog- quarantine room, a spacious employee room with a dog feeding area. There is also a small outdoor pay area that doubles as a parking lot at night.

The Barkmont Officially opened their doors to the public in May 2017 - stop by and check them out! Or go to their website to make a reservation:

Future home of The Barkmont

Transmission Shop-reception

Transmission Workshop - Looking West

Transmission Workshop - Looking East

Future home of The Barkmont

The Barkmont Owners - Kirk and Amanda Jung (aka-dog lover-extraordinaire)

The Barkmont - lots of vibrant, safe and clean indoor play area

Guests at The Barkmont (aka Barkeley)

Reception area-with reclaimed wood paneling from the Transmission Shop

The Barkmont-Cheerful and energized indoor play yards (looking East)

The Barkmont - Indoor play yards with loads of natural light and air (looking west)

The Barkmont - Puppy in the Puppy Play Yard

The Barkmont - Dog Daycare and Hotel 2730 San Pablo Ave

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